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Witch Hunter Robin    Kobari - Anime series - recurring    Bandai Entertainment
Cowboy Bebop - the movie    Detective Shadkins    Zro Limit Prod
Jataka Tales    Lead - Original Animation Feature    RichCrest Animation
Digimon    Guest/Ongoing - Television Series    Saban Entertainment
Bit - The Cupid    Various - Television Series    Saban Entertainment
Adventures of Oliver Twist    Featured - Television Series    Saban Entertainment
Magic Knights - Rayearth    Lead Villain - Anime Series
Gestalt    Lead Villain - Anime Feature    Click To View
Gundam    Featured - Anime Series
Fist of the North Star    Guest Star - Anime Series
The Wanderers    Guest Star - Anime Series
Anime Features    Various Animation Revoicing
Jurassic Adventure    3D Animation Park Ride    Dimension Audio


Ear Whacks!, The Voice Box, Walla Round The World

Feature Films
A Very Muppet Christmas *    Hot Ticket    Scorpio One *
Adventures of Galgameth    Happy Face Murders *    The Secret Kingdom *
All You Need *    If Have Dog *    30 Days Until I'm Famous *
The Big Fall    Last Chance    Shadow Dancer *
Black Thunder *    Little Witches    The Shooter *
Clipping Adam *    Left Luggage *    The Shrunken City *
Clockmaker *    Looking For Trouble    The Silencers
Crash Dive    Lost In Space *    Six String Samurai *
The Dangerous    Lured Innocence *    The Skateboard Kid II
Dark City *    Memorial Day *    Skyscraper
Demolition Man    The Midas Kid    Southern Cross *
The Devil's Arithmetic *    The Muppets' Wizard Of Oz    Spacejacked *
Digital Man    Notes From Underground    Star Hunter
Don't Sleep Alone *    Not Of This Earth II *    The Stranger
Do You Wanna Dance? *    Paradise Lost *    Subterfuge
The Driver    Phantom Town *    Surface To Air *
The Emissary    Point Blank *    The Sweeper
Falling Words    Possums *    Terminal Virus
Fatal Choice    The Prisoner    Termination Man *
Freedom Strike *    Prophet *    The Three Stooges
The Genie    Rage    To The Limit
Ghostly Rental *    The Revolutionary *    Velocity *
Gridrunners    Running Woman *    The White Raven *
Hijack *


* ADR Voice Casting - Jerry G      ADR Talent - Ear Whacks


Powder Park
Emanuelle - The Series
Justine - The Series


Simultrek Wild Side Productions
WBUS News Magazine Miami


Dialects British, French, German, Russian, Italian, Middle Eastern
Jewish, New York, Texas, Various Southern, Original Comic
Characters Billy Blue, Lil' Bobby, Old Timer, The Rabbi, Mr. Bland and more
Singing Tenor: Harmonies, Stage Vocals