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Witch Hunter Robin    Kobari - Anime series - recurring    Bandai Entertainment
Cowboy Bebop - the movie    Detective Shadkins    Zro Limit Prod
.hack//Legend of the Twilight    Katsuyuki - Recurring    Bandai Visual
Jataka Tales    Lead - Original Animation Feature    RichCrest Animation
Digimon    Toucanmon - Multiple    Saban Entertainment
Bit - The Cupid    Various - Television Series    Saban Entertainment
Adventures of Oliver Twist    Featured - Television Series    Saban Entertainment
Magic Knights - Rayearth    Lead Villain - Anime Series
Gestalt    Lead Villain - Anime Feature    Click To View
Mobile Suit Gundam    Featured - Anime Series
Fist of the North Star    Guest Star - Anime Series
Vampire Princess Miyu    Guest Star - Anime Series
The Wanderers    Guest Star - Anime Series
Anime Features    Various Animation Revoicing
Jurassic Adventure    3D Animation Park Ride    Dimension Audio


Ear Whacks!, The Voice Box, Walla Round The World

Feature Films
A Very Muppet Christmas *    Hot Ticket    Scorpio One *
Adventures of Galgameth    Happy Face Murders *    The Secret Kingdom *
All You Need *    If Have Dog *    30 Days Until I'm Famous *
The Big Fall    Last Chance    Shadow Dancer *
Black Thunder *    Little Witches    The Shooter *
Clipping Adam *    Left Luggage *    The Shrunken City *
Clockmaker *    Looking For Trouble    The Silencers
Crash Dive    Lost In Space *    Six String Samurai *
The Dangerous    Lured Innocence *    The Skateboard Kid II
Dark City *    Memorial Day *    Skyscraper
Demolition Man    The Midas Kid    Southern Cross *
The Devil's Arithmetic *    The Muppets' Wizard Of Oz    Spacejacked *
Digital Man    Notes From Underground    Star Hunter
Don't Sleep Alone *    Not Of This Earth II *    The Stranger
Do You Wanna Dance? *    Paradise Lost *    Subterfuge
The Driver    Phantom Town *    Surface To Air *
The Emissary    Point Blank *    The Sweeper
Falling Words    Possums *    Terminal Virus
Fatal Choice    The Prisoner    Termination Man *
Freedom Strike *    Prophet *    The Three Stooges
The Genie    Rage    To The Limit
Ghostly Rental *    The Revolutionary *    Velocity *
Gridrunners    Running Woman *    The White Raven *
Hijack *


* ADR Voice Casting - Jerry G      ADR Talent - Ear Whacks


Powder Park
Emanuelle - The Series
Justine - The Series


Simultrek Wild Side Productions
WBUS News Magazine Miami


Dialects British, French, Irish, Scottish, Jewish, German, Russian
New York, Texas, Various Southern, Original Comic
Singing Tenor: Harmonies, Stage Vocals