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Jerry Gelb is a member of the "actor" species and has been known to migrate from the valleys to the casting offices and production sets of many a stage, television, film, and voiceover project. A proud graduate of the Florida State University School of Theatre, this being has been known to appear in comedy clubs, live theaters, and a variety of media screens as well as improv and comedy houses - characters and dialects swimming beneath the surface.

The Gelb has a penchant for voice work, such as its Ear Whacks! voice casting and ADR services, and his very unique textured tenor sound can often be heard among the cacophony of features and floating through the halls of Anime fandom and beyond.

As its long hibernation is coming to an end, JG can currently be found hunting among the myriad “representatives” of the on-camera landscape as well as scavenging post-production offices on behalf of his Ear-Whacks clan. For no reason whatsoever, he can often be heard wailing on harmonica, blues riffs emanating forth, among the society of the “musician” tribe with vocal harmonies arising in the strangest of places.


VOICEOVER & LOOPING    Resume & Audio/Video Reels  -  Ear Whacks!            

THEATRE / TV / FILM   (Resume On Request)

Eyebrow Specialist         On Request
Mime  (flyer)         Performer, Teacher, Character Development, Director
Animation Voice         Resume & A/V Reels  
ADR Voice         Ear Whacks, Voice Resume, Walla, Voice Match, Lip Sync, Voice Replacement
Singing         Tenor, Harmonies
Dancing         Basic Jitterbug, Disco, Waltz, Polka, Charleston, Etc.
Mac & AV Consultant         Maintenance, Tutoring, Networks, System Design, Graphics, Internet, Video Editing, and more. . .


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